Singer-Songwriter TONEX To Release His First Album In Five Years On Battery Records



(February19th, 2009 – Brooklyn, NY) Battery Records, a newly formed imprint under the Sony Music Entertainment’s RCA/ JIVE Label Group umbrella, is pleased announce the release of singer/songwriter TONEX (“Tone-AYE”). His forthcoming album Unspoken, dropping March 17th, will bring his unique talents to the forefront of music. Though TONEX’s name might be new to some, his impactful work has long been a mainstay in the gospel world.

TONEX is indeed a prolific artist, having released three albums on Verity Records over the years, while producing for both gospel, secular and mainstream artists alike. He has also amassed several awards including eight Stellar Awards and two GMA Awards. He also earned a Grammy nomination for Best Soul Gospel Album for his 2004 critically acclaimed album, Out The Box.

TONEX is excited for the shift from the Verity to Battery. On Battery Records he’ll be given the freedom to showcase his true talent as a music-maker. His brand new LP Unspoken features hard-hitting R&B, dance and even a smattering of alternative with its lead single “Blend.” The timely song addresses the need to stay true to oneself. “I knew that ‘Blend’ was going to be the lead single from the start,” TONEX stresses. “It represents who I’ve been all along by bringing that artist to the masses for the first time.”

For TONEX, Unspoken is a transitional album that heads in a more mainstream direction but yet still targets his longstanding gospel segment. Says TONEX, “I didn’t want to alienate the fan base generated from the Out the Box phenomenon. Even though I appreciate that album’s success, I felt that there were so many people from different demographics I still had yet to reach. I made the transition from Verity Records to Battery Records to facilitate that career evolution.”

Unspoken conveys TONEX’s variety, musical prowess and adaptability. A dreamer, TONEX’s dream of showcasing his rare spectrum of talents to an R&B audience is coming true. The project will be marketed to not only gospel music lovers but also mainstream R&B music lovers. Battery Records stands wholly behind TONEX and his ambitious project. Battery Records’Neil Levine adds “It is important that TONEX keeps his credibility within the gospel community while Battery helps him expand to a more mainstream audience.”

Battery Records was formed to develop young urban talent, in an age where such development is sorely lacking. Neil Levine, Battery Records’ Senior Vice President and General Manager, aims to uncover and cultivate young talent and thereby create an indispensable niche in the marketplace.