Definitive Jux To Reissue Long Out Of Print Classic By Company Flow


Definitive Jux has the extreme pleasure of announcing the reissue of Company Flow’s seminal full length debut, Funcrusher Plus. Out of print since 2006, this certified classic album has been remastered and will be available worldwide on May 5th, 2009 on CD, vinyl, and digital formats.

The digital release of Funcrusher Plus will include the rare pre-1995 tracks “Juvenile Techniques” and “Corners 94”, as well as the last post-Funcrusher Plus songs “Simple”, “DPA”, and “Simian Drugs”. It will be presented in its original artwork both by the late great Matt Do and the now legendary artist EWOK.

Already ahead of its time when originally released in 1997, Funcrusher Plus is widely recognized as one the most influential hip hop albums ever, shattering conventions with its musical complexity and uncompromising lyricism. Comprised of producer/MC El-P, MC Bigg Jus and DJ Mr. Len, Company Flow’s music rejected the conventional hooks and jazz/funk samples favored at the time, opting instead for jagged, lo-fi and punishing sonics crowned with confrontational and highly literate word-play and rhyme patterns. The group’s musical approach and legendary D-I-Y ethic went on to influence an entire genre for the past decade. Originally appearing as a self-released vinyl-only EP in 1995, their music caught the attention of underground hip hop and alternative music scenes worldwide, eventually landing them a deal with then unknown NYC hip hop label Rawkus Records. The release of the full length on Rawkus signified a new era in hip hop, and soon after the likes of Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monche and others followed suit. Company Flow’s attitude and urgent approach gave birth to a movement that defined a new era within the hip hop world.

Beyond amassing legions of fans across the globe, few independent releases in recent memory have received the level of accolades and kudos from journalists, critics, and artists of all strata as this landmark album. Now a new generation of music fans will have a chance to hear what the fuss was all about.

“Widely recognized as one of the genre’s greatest achievements.” PITCHFORK
“A straight razor to hip-pop’s gilded visage.” VILLAGE VOICE

“A direct reaction to gangsta rap and the Puff Daddy-dominated mainstream, they have re-established hip-hop’s credibility and social agenda.” NME

“Company Flow became heroes to alternative rap fans when they released their Funcrusher album”. ROLLING STONE

“Trying to capture the sonic beauty of this album is as challenging as deciphering their rhymes. Weaving together internet references, Japanime, science fiction, comic books and pop culture into a giant tapestry … this LP mines the depths of resistance to mediocrity” RAP REVIEWS

“One of the most influential rap groups of the late ’90s, Company Flow laid the groundwork for nearly all the experimental hip-hop that followed, and its advancement of hip-hop as an art form is still being felt.” ALL MUSIC

“The defining document of ’90s hip-hop dissent” VIBE MAGAZINE