Cesar Comanche Of The Justus League Preps New LP Die In Your Lap

Raleigh, NC – Cesar Comanche’s 6th studio album, Die In Your Lap, will appear in stores on 2-24-2009 via Cesar’s own imprint, Defenders Of The Free World (DOTFW). With production from long-time friend and musical collaborator 9th Wonder (including the Album’s first single “Hands High”) and Khrysis (“Shame”). The Album’s sound can be best described as “cinematic and grand” – like a biblical judgment day feel.” “Die In Your Lap is my appreciation and respect of the renaissance with the veteran’s art, ” says Cesar, “The whole album is about getting things off your chest, getting things off your shoulders.”

As with Cesar’s previous works Wooden Nickels (2000), Paper Gods (2002) and Squirrel & The Aces (2005), Die In Your Lap’s various themes underscore an appreciation for traditional and often unconventional approaches today’s artists face in vying for fan’s attention, time and eventual support while at the same time trying to keep the message and music consistent. Cesar approached this challenge by empowering “The Lawn” (Love Above Wooden Nickels), his 4K member message board community (which he founded in 2003) to give him critical, timely and constructive feedback on both the music and messages embodied on Die In Your Lap. As an adjunct, an ongoing Vlog series, “The Chronicles Of Cesar Comanche” which finds Cesar discussing a variety of topics ranging from crab recipes, sports, politics, production and of course, Die In Your Lap, has been created and made available to his community through key social networking platforms, blogs and P2P sites.

The lead-single, “Hands High” for Die In Your Lap is currently in rotation on college, community and internet radio as well as various mixtapes. The video for “Hands High” was shot in Wroclaw, Poland and is currently accessible online through key sites. Upcoming activities include a various spot dates in key regions, remixes, etc.

Tracklisting and credits for Cesar Comanche’s “Die In Your Lap”:

1.) Don’t Be Afraid (produced by Cesar Comanche)

2.) Die In Your Lap (produced by Lord Quest)

3.) Choose (produced by 9th Wonder)

4.) Merciless (arranged by Cesar Comanche)

5.) Mercy (produced by Cesar Comanche)

6.) Ghetto World (produced by Science Omega)

7.) Shame (produced by Khrysis)

8.) Hello World (produced by 9th Wonder)

9.) Hands High (produced by 9th Wonder)

10.) What’s Wrong (produced by 9th Wonder)

11.) Our Song (arranged by Cesar Comanche)

12.) Lamb To Lion 2 (produced by Cesar Comanche)

13.) Guf 2 (produced by Apple Juice Kid)

14.) Everything (produced by Marvelous Beats)

15.) Reborn (produced by 9th Wonder)