Throwback: UTFO-Roxanne Roxanne


The legendary Untouchable Force Organization consists of Kangol Kid, The Educated Rapper, Doctor Ice and DJ Mixmaster Ice. All of the members were immersed in hip-hop culture being involved in graffiti, breakdancing, DJing and rapping. They were dancers for Whodini before they signed with Select Records in 1984 and released this song which became their first hit. “Roxanne Roxanne” provoked the release of over 100 response songs with Roxanne Shante’s “Roxanne’s Revenge” being the most important one. But the official response came from Select Records lablemate The Real Roxanne who recorded her own eponymous single. Their self-titled first album came out in 1985 and it was produced by Full Force. UTFO thrived at a time when hip-hop groups were in larger number as compared to now when Andre 3000 has decide to when to rap again and we have to beg A Tribe Called Quest to reunite. It seems that Public Enemy may the only rap group to consistently record and perform (27 years together 22 from first recording.) UTFO released their last album in ’91. Doctor Ice regularly tours with Whodini and The Kangol Kid really did connect with The Real Roxanne!