Russell Simmons Takes Editor-In-Chief Position at Global Grind


Russell Simmons Takes Editor-In-Chief Position at Global Grind

Global Grind Becomes “Huffington Post of Hip-Hop”

Russell Simmons just announced he is assuming a new role as Editor-In-Chief of the “Huffington Post of Hip-Hip,” Global Grind. Global Grind is a social media platform developed by and for the Hip Hop community. An early investor and a celebrity blogger on the site along with his brother Rev Run and Dr. Benjamin Chavis, Simmons got such a strong response to the blogs that Global Grind just launched the site’s new “Celebrity Blogger” section.

Keep an eye out for a mix of celebrities and influencers within the Hip-Hop Community as they begin blogging for Global Grind, which has created sites for everyone from President Obama to Paris Hilton, on a variety of topics including music, lifestyle, culture, politics and sports.

Early celebs to sign on include:
Angela Simmons
Benny Boom
Bow Wow
Brandi Garcia
Brett Ratner
Damon Dash
DJ Cassidy
DJ D-Nice
DJ Khaled
DJ Whoo Kid
Ed Lover
World Famous G-Mack
Gorilla Zoe
Jim Jones
John Legend
JoJo Simmons
Justine Simmons
Kevin Liles
LL Cool J
Militainment Crazy Raw Radio
Little X
Nia Long
Rev Run
Sanaa Lathan
Trey The Choklit Jok
Big Boy
Noemie Lenoir
LeToya Luckett
Mickey Factz
Vanessa Simmons

What follows is Simmons’ blog on his new position at Global Grind:

The opportunity to be Editor-In-Chief of Global Grind is an exciting and remarkable responsibility that I readily accept. This is another chance for me further to serve the interests of the hip-hop community.

As hip-hop has evolved into a true global, multidimensional, cultural phenomena, Global Grind presents a unique transcendent online platform for all the eloquent, diverse leaders of the culture to be read, heard, seen and felt.

I love hip-hop in all its dimensions. Whether it is gangster rap or conscious rap or gospel rap, it all has an important expressive
purpose. I love the images, the style, the fashion, the drama, the hustle and the social and political ramifications that the culture
exudes. I love it all.

But mostly I love how hip-hop has helped change the quality of life of people and continues to change the world.

As this profound moment of change that is taking place in the political, economic, social, and cultural consciousness of billions of people throughout the world, the global hip-hop community is helping to reshape and transform the worldwide landscape of public dialogue and debate concerning the critical issues and challenges of the 21st Century.

From the earliest stages of the evolution of the culture to today, hip-hop has always called for transformation and social change.

What hip-hop has done for race relations is unprecedented from Run DMC being the first rap group on MTV to the Run’s House becoming the first family of MTV. I witnessed firsthand how hip-hop forced NY state to change the repressive Rockefeller Drug Laws. I watched them force NY City to put hundreds of millions of dollars back into the public education budget. Then I saw them pick the US President when no one else believed it was even possible.

So connecting their voices and expressions is going to be good for their communities. Too many media companies don’t get the big picture associated today with hip- hop. I want to be one that does and transmit that big picture all over the world. Global Grind will open the door wider and smarter.

President Barack H. Obama in his Inaugural Address affirmed, ‘We are in a new era of responsibility.’ And as we take back the responsibility to fight poverty, ignorance and intolerance, we can and will make a difference.

Through our blogs, videos, interactive technology, syndication tools on Facebook and our trend-setting connections to mainstream media Global Grind will advance significantly the effectiveness and impact of the dialogue and will shine numerous spotlights on the wide range of celebrity bloggers and the new generation of online leaders.