Animated All Ball Band Readies for Superbowl with ‘Vote for Pig” Campaign


Beverly Hills, CA – Film and music producer Jim White has always been a “Yes I Can” kind of guy. His vision and passion has carried him from his birthplace in Memphis, TN to Detroit, MI to his current home base in Beverly Hills, CA, accomplishing a number of creative feats in between, including recording artist, television host and music producer to name a few. But his latest project, an animated concept, known as the All Ball Band, which he co-produced with his four daughters, is the project most special to his heart.

In a true David vs.Goliath battle royal, the All Ball Band, is taking on the multi-million dollar Super Bowl commercial sponsors by going public with a viral campaign in an effort to convince fans that the most entertaining Super Bowl spot is going to be viewed on the internet at on Super Bowl day!

Vote For PigThe All Ball Band consists of seven major sports balls, “Babe” the sax playing Baseball, Patches the lead singer Soccer ball, Strike the guitar playing Bowling ball, Pig (as in Pigskin) the Football drummer, Dr. Tee the keyboard playing Golf ball, Love the female bass guitar player and last but not least Slam the trumpet playing Basket ball. The origin of the band is a far away mystical magical place known as “All Ball World.”

White is introducing the All Ball Band via an internet campaign which encourages viewers to vote after viewing a special debut animation with Pig, the football drummer campaigning to seek the honor of being selected as the Official Football of the National Football League’s upcoming Championship Game. Visitors who log on at and vote will be awarded the opportunity to view a full All Ball Band animation that will touch down on Super Bowl Sunday on the site.

The legendary Four Tops provide the vocals behind the band. Duke Fakir, the only surviving member of the Four Tops has partnered with White on the All Ball Band project and the animation carries distinctive significance for him as Motown celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. In addition, the Four Tops will be recognized by NARAS this year with their very first Grammy. The All Ball Band will perform the Four Tops’ rendition of the Temptation’s “Ball of Confusion” during their special Super Bowl Sunday animated performance.

Jim White “The All Ball Band is something I have been working on for 15 years,” reveals White. “It’s a vehicle for everyone from sports fans to kids. My daughters and I have worked relentlessly to bring everything to fruition. The animated band’s musical selections pay homage to classic R&B, a sound everyone can relate to. Music and sports are universal concepts that everyone can embrace. With the inauguration of our new president, and the fresh infusion of energy to our country, I could not have planned the timing any better! The All Ball Band is finally ready to blast!”

View the All Ball Band at and cast your vote the Official Football at the biggest game of the football season at or by texting V4Pig to 87415. The All Ball Band can also be viewed on mobile phones at .