Mack Master Tariq Nasheed Releases “The Art of Gold Digging”



Los Angeles, CA – Just in time to assuage a woman’s worries in these recession laced times, best selling author, lecturer and international dating guru, Tariq “K-Flex” Nasheed returns to the scene with the release of his fourth ‘tell all/how to’ book, The Art of Gold Digging from King Flex Entertainment. Set to drop on Tuesday, December 16, 2008, The Art of Gold Digging will reveal more secrets from Nasheed’s vast treasure chest of dating game!

Tariq NasheedNasheed is no new comer to dispensing knowledge in the relationship and dating advice arena. His first release in 1999, the best selling release, The Art of Mackin’ sold over 250,000 copies and propelled the player turned author to the forefront of the “seduction advice” community. His follow up book Play Or Be Played (Simon & Schuster) uncovered the truth for women trying to learn “the game” as dispensed by men. In 2005, he released another book for men called The Mack Within (Penguin).

He has since appeared on VH-1’s “Charm School”, MTV’s “Made Twice,” BET, “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” administering his street honed knowledge to mainstream America. VH-1 even financed a television pilot with Nasheed last spring based on the concept of The Art of Gold Digging.

As Nasheed explains about the book, “”Some women might think, how can I learn about the art of gold digging from a man? Well that brings us to rule number one of the gold digging game: Ladies, you cannot learn everything you need to know about the gold digging game from another woman. Women are naturally competitive with one another. Even if a woman knew everything about the gold digging game, she is more than likely not going to teach you how to potentially outshine her.”

The Art of Gold Digging will share such valuable tips on techniques such as

-where to find rich men
-how to dress to attract wealth
-the 6 types of rich men
-which men to avoid and
-the top 5 gold digging cities.

Nasheed was born on the west side of Detroit, Michigan. He moved from Detroit to Birmingham, Alabama as a young child in the early 1980s. Due to the slow pace and boredom of the social scene, he dropped out of high school and decided to leave Birmingham for Los Angeles at 17. While living in Los Angeles, he found himself homeless, so he would often use public libraries as temporary shelter in the daytime, while hanging out with Hollywood street hustlers at night.

While frequenting the libraries, Tariq would pass the time by reading books by Freud, Nietzsche, Napoleon Hill, Shahrazad Ali, Frances Cress Welsing, and other “power of the mind” selections. He then created dating techniques that were a combination of what he learned from older hustlers and what he learned by reading psychology books. He called these techniques “G.I.C.2” (Game, Intelligence, and Common Sense; Squared). Nasheed honed himself into what he calls a “game advisor,” meaning he would teach these G.I.C.2 techniques to men and women on the underground scene.

Nasheed now keeps his game right with sold out lectures and seminars around the country and even released an instructional DVD called Mack Lessons. He also keeps it real, raw and uncensored on his weekly radio podcast at and can be seen adminstering his special brand of wit and game on .

Get your game together at and www.myspace/com/Tariq_Nasheed . The Art of Gold Digging is available on- line at and