DJ Qbert to Launch Skratch University in Early 2009


Napa, CA 11/20/08

ArtistWorks, Inc announced today they have partnered with DJ Qbert of ThudRumble to create the Qbert Skratch University an online video learning site. The groundbreaking university is expected to launch in early 2009.

World renowned skratch innovator, DJ Qbert uses a series of progressive videos to teach all levels of Skratching techniques from basic to exotic as well as Beat Juggling.

This format of exchanging videos with a legendary DJ where the entire community learns is the first of its kind.

Turntablists around the world use simple and innovative video management technology created by ArtistWorks. Student members post videos on the University site and using the latest in Internet video technology, Qbert responds to student videos, offering his personal guidance and suggestions.

Students and fans appreciate the ability to access previously unavailable world-class experts in an easy and affordable manner. Unique to the ArtistWorks approach is its customized interactive video learning environment. Utilizing ArtistWorks proprietary technology platform (patent pending), students submit their own videos for evaluation, and are provided written and video responses directly from the artist. With this expert feedback and the opportunity to view the other student’s artist/student exchanges, progress is unlimited.

DJ Qbert says “It’s cool that Skratching has so many fans around the world and we can all be in one place now and learn from each other no matter where we live.”

Qbert’s entire method is going to be presented and available at all times, so students can learn at their own pace and move around the lessons if they prefer. Although the lessons are progressive and get more difficult, they will never go away. Qbert will also be posting some videos from the road, competitions etc. The students will have a personal area where they can post a few of their own videos of themselves Qbert will critique the student video submissions with a response video or a written text assessment and give them an assignment if need be. The introductory fee will be extremely affordable at $60 for 3 months.

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