Sandra St. Victor-12 Years Ago Today Mack Diva Saves The World


Twelve years ago today Sandra St. Victor released her first solo album Mack Diva Saves The World. Once a back-up singer for Chaka Khan and a song collaborator with Prince most people remember her as the lead singer of The Family Stand and their funk hit “Ghetto Heaven.” Sandra’s deep seductive style really did mack all thirteen of the tracks executive produced by Sandra, Tita Gray and Denise Brown. Her project became one of Warner Brothers biggest failures and a must-have for fans of uncut soul. “Come Over” made it to the A Thin Line Between Love And Hate soundtrack while “Rise Up” was remixed for the dancefloor. She followed up with the album Gemini in 2001. The Family Stand reunited and released Super Sol Nova last year. But the lusciousness of Mack Diva leaves you wanting to hear more from Sandra on a solo outing.

Lonely In A Crowded Room – Sandra St. Victor