Yo! Raps Magazine Announces Nominees For The First Annual Yo! Awards Set To Take Place In Mid-December


New York, NY – November 4, 2008 – Premier online magazine Yo! Raps is announcing the nominees chosen in 30 categories for The First Annual Yo! Awards set to take place in mid-December. From November 10th through December 10th, Yo! Raps visitors can go to www.yoraps.com to cast their vote for their favorite artist in each category.

“We are known for supporting artists, signed and unsigned, in their careers as they look to infiltrate the market with their music and gather feedback from their audience. Yo! Awards is just another way of doing that. It is a tool that will provide recognition and feedback to these artists because it will be the people who decide the outcome,” says Yo! Raps Founder Kai Denninger.

With 30 categories ranging from the “Artist Of The Year” to “Most Overrated Rapper,” Yo! Raps will allow its visitors to decide who the winners of each category will be. Every user can vote once per award category per 24-hour period. Nominees were submitted by various sources including journalists, A&R’s, DJ’s, music executives and other industry professionals.

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Voting Period: 11/10/2008 – 12/10/2008
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