Award Winning Iraqi-American Rapper Urges For “Change” With The Release Of His New Music Video


SAN DIEGO, CA, Oct.27 – Timz, an American born rapper of Chaldean and Iraqi descent—continues to make heads turn across the world with his latest explosive, eye-opening music video Do Something. The newest effort from Timz serves as a wake up call to those who have grown numb to the reality of life, and replaced it with the ‘reality’ of television. Timz’s inspirational message to the public during these difficult times is simple – Change the world, not the channel.

Do Something picks up where Timz’s previous video, Iraq, left off. Iraq, winner of the Hollywood Film Festival’s “Video of the Year” and nominee for the MTV Video Music Awards’ “Video of the Year”, got right in our faces and exposed the shocking and ugly truth of the Iraq war. Media outlets across the world covered Timz and the video, but not all of the attention was how Timz would have liked it. “My new video touches on a lot of the negative and unfair press I received following the release of the Iraq, many of which questioned my patriotism. But it’s the opposite. It’s my love for America that inspires me to continue to speak out and ask for change,” says Timz.

Do Something has struck a chord with viewers who see a surprising similarity to the theme of the video and the current political climate in which Barack Obama’s loyalties and patriotism have been attacked and unfairly called into question. But like Senator Obama, Timz is not letting the fabrications and rumors to deter him from his goal; change.

Do Something appears on Timz’s sophomore album, The World is Watching; set to release in 2009.