Major Music Site – – Launches Today


LOS ANGELES, Ca. /LONDON, England – 8 October, 2008 –, a music venture founded by industry insiders and supported by rock legends, tomorrow will launch a unique music and video platform that allows consumers to discover, experience and enjoy music and music-themed video content, while helping new and emerging musical artists promote their careers and sell their music. The media-rich music site is available at

“The music industry has changed astonishingly in recent years, and in this age of the Web, major labels simply no longer dictate what music is available to be discovered and consumed,” says CEO and founder Andrew Bentley. “Our aim is to offer clarity in this newly democratized state. Choice has mushroomed, but discovering true talent has become even harder for the average consumer. is the place where underexposed hit music can be discovered, shared and enjoyed by everyone. Empowering consumers to discover the best new music, and giving artists a direct way to reach them, is essential for the music industry’s future direction.”

The consumer section of creates an MTV-like experience, with multiple channels featuring news, reports, documentaries, video blogs, live music and video promos. Staff video-bloggers (VJs) guide viewers to discover new music, both mainstream and esoteric, on the way to becoming future hits. Friends can connect through the site’s social networking component to share music and videos, and fans can purchase and download the new music they find and love.

A promotional platform guides fans to the best new talent and provides a rich, engaging way to engage with favorite new music through promotional content. Artists can partner with to promote their music through compelling, interactive online experiences, supported by a team of music industry experts and rich online tools.

“We support all talented artists,” says Catalina Guirado-Cheadle, SVP and Director of Artist Liaison & Development (ALD). “But also we are aware of who will be the most successful through the model of consumer-directed discovery: artists that would have gone platinum 10 years ago, but today don’t fit into the major label economics.” supports artist promotion with a range of professional services. The complementary trade site, (The Music Insiders Database) ­ an online network for music insiders, artists and professionals ­ will feature listing and news services through which artists can promote their work to peers and connect to members of the trade. was formed through the inside knowledge and experience of several music business veterans. Founder Andrew Bentley, the former CFO of Virgin Music, CFO of EMI International, and CEO of EMI Music/Asia Pacific, is a serial entrepreneur with extensive management experience in Fortune 500 corporations. Helping to build the company’s consumer value is Content Director/SVP Vlad Lodzinski, a digital media expert and former Executive Producer and Channel Launch Manager for MTV Europe. Artist Liaison Director/SVP Catalina Guirado-Cheadle is a former signed singer/songwriter. And the whole team relies on Chief Technology Officer Jarrell Pair to bring the vision to life. Along with the entire staff, the executive team leverages its relevant industry experience to deliver a unique music entertainment experience.

The project’s pedigree was solidified and its value validated when members and management of the seminal rock group Genesis became the first to invest in the company. is also committed to promoting music artists on the broadest possible way. The company is planning and holding live music events throughout North America and the UK, and will distribute its library of video content to other platforms and stations. will also feature artist-created video content, including video promos, tour diaries and video blogs and vlogs.

“So many artists can now self-publish without any label help,” says Lodzinski. “While it’s an exciting and liberating time for artists, this new freedom can make it even more frustrating for discerning consumers to find music they truly enjoy. Music fans aren’t satisfied waiting until major labels release new talent ­ they want to find the best new music emerging on the scene right this very moment. quenches consumers’ thirst for the best new music while giving artists a wide range of rich channels where they can promote their music to hungry new audiences.” is launching at a time when labels are becoming less powerful in the success of music, and artists are becoming more autonomous. The new site is the right platform for enabling this new age of commercial music. “Music thrives when artists have creative control of their careers,” says Bentley. “It makes for more empowered musicians, more inspired music, and happier fans. is the best channel for letting musicians and industry professionals take charge ­ and that means great new music for consumers.”

Anyone who makes or enjoys music can sign up for a free account to access a rich music and TV experience at Music insiders can also register for a free account at to post profiles and network with other industry members around the globe.