Global Grind Launches “Countdown To Change” – Election Newscenter For The Hip-Hop Audience


September 26, 2008 – Global Grind,, the online news and information epicenter for the Hip-Hop community is launching “Countdown to Change”, an online voter information and education initiative this Friday, September 26th in advance of the first presidential debate. “Countdown to Change” is Global Grind’s non-partisan online news center which will be regularly feeding and updating the Hip-Hop community with key information and news stories about the candidates, the issues, providing current polling numbers and statistics and offering important voter registration information for who is eligible to vote in each state.

The Global Grind website currently aggregates hundreds of news, entertainment, sports, gossip and blogging sites, posting relevant stories from each of these sites in real time, allowing both editors and users to essentially curate the site collectively, all with a Hip Hop lens.

The “Countdown to Change” initiative is interactive for users, enabling them to “grind” or vote on the most popular stories, blogs, videos, photos or items read or seen about the election. Thus users can help to keep that story or item “On The Grind”. Users can also submit their own content to Global Grind, playing an important role in shaping the content into what is most important to them and the Hip-Hop community.

“This mission of Global Grind has always been to show not only the breadth and depth of our audience’s interests but also be a place where the power of this audience can be demonstrated when it get’s behind something”, says Navarrow Wright, CEO of Global Grind. ” It is imperative for Global Grind to offer the tools to educate and stimulate the urban community into action in this, one of the most important elections of our time. I hope that “Countdown to Change” helps to show that EVERY VOTE COUNTS!”

“We are about as non partisan as Fox News,” quipped Russell Simmons about the Global Grind audience. “We (most hip-hoppers) will vote for Republican or Democrat as long as they support all the ideas promoted by the far left wing of the Democratic Party and most of us will support all the legislation and sound ideas meant to promote world peace, protect the environment and, of course, uplift the poor. We reject all the fearful angry and especially greedy and selfish choices made by most Republican leaders. But, what I mean to say is, this is a non-partisan site.”

In an effort to help spread the word on the importance of this election, Global Grind has a “Countdown to Change” downloadable flyer, giving people the opportunity to pass along and post information on the ground. Global Grind also has created the “Countdown to Change” widget, which can be placed on a desktop or shared with friends, allowing for a continual link with the most current news and updates.

Video blogs and postings by some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop will regularly be featured, helping to inspire the Hip-Hop community to get involved and vote.


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