“United Funk Order” New Album Set For Release


Manhattan, N.Y. (August 30,2008) – United Funk Order Band Headed by Multitalented Thulani Jeffries and Master Guitarists Indigo are pleased to present a new music album set for fourth quarter release. Thulani Jeffries founder and musical director of “United Funk Order” has extensive experience as vocalists, musician, composer and producer. Thulani’s abilitieshas been molded from a unique blend of international experiences. Her energetic vocal style is deeply influenced by an appreciation for the R&B, Rock and Funk classics.

“Indigo” is a composer/ producer/ musician – guitarists who’s music hearkens back to a rich musical period. “It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing” as he states in his own words. “Music is the message, but the groove is what brings that message home.”

U.F.O Music is delivering African rhythms with a Funk-a-delik funk adding diverse beats and great song writing collaboration. Driven passion guitarists “Indigo” explains this album has sounds from “Bono to George Clinton with passionate rhythms for healing the soul.

Singer and song writer Thulani Jeffries who has performed all over the world, explains we need to express our music through the eyes of the people who are suffering. The world needs answers and they need them now for their lives today and tomorrow.

To support their needs our musical family has created Super Hero musical characters for this very reason. There called “United Funk Order”. Thulani explains music has always been there to save the world in every aspect, it‘s a universal language. “United Funk Order” has developed rhythmic characters to do a super hero’s job.
“Our world is in trouble and needs to be healed from within and our music will do just that!” “United Funk Order is here to push the message of Universal love.

To contact United Funk Order go to 917-921-8485 http://www.unitedfunkorder.net

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the annihilator
the annihilator
15 years ago

Thieves and Liars, just like those who never respect where the originator exists or the seed of creation lies
they shall be struck down suddenly ,..