PMG Unveils Marketing Strategy For Snoop Project

LOS ANGELES…Punch Media Group (PMG) is pleased to announce its latest project. The sole full-service international media and technology company specializing in cutting-edge youth entertainment, PMG is developing new media marketing strategies for the groundbreaking new animated DVD project, Snoop Dogg Presents: Adventures of Tha Blue Carpet Treatment (distributed by Codeblack Entertainment).

Via a series of vignettes, Snoop Dogg Presents, takes a creative look at the daily adventures of the Long Beach rapper as he travels through Los Angeles. The DVD also features a number of celebrity voices such as comedian Katt Williams and hip-hop recording artist The Game and includes music from Snoop’s hit CD Tha Blue Carpet Treatment.

PMG’s new media marketing division will assist in driving sales for the project in a number of innovative ways employing the online and mobile phone marketing methods. This includes the debut of Bluetooth Proximity Promotion for a hip-hop based product in the U.S. Bluetooth-based wireless proximity marketing involves sending information be it text, images, audio or video to Bluetooth-enabled devices within a matter of seconds–all at no cost to the original end user/recipient. To date, no other hip-hop product has adapted this high-tech marketing technique.

“While this is a first for a hip-hop related project,” notes PMG founder and president Lauren Coleman, “we predict sooner than later this cutting-edge promotion model will become standard. We are proud to be on the rising crest of this methodology. We rolled it out during BET Awards-related events and select Katt Williams concert venues and are expanding potential for something which everyone in the industry should be taking advantage of to reinforce their brands, particularly since all statistics show that urban-youth are the leaders in time spent on the phone.” (see Bluetooth demo at Bluetooth.html)

PMG will also soon announce additional domestic and international deals involving the company’s on-line and mobile phone content development division. PMG is a multifaceted media and technology firm specializing in cutting-edge entertainment. Since its inception in 1994, PMG has been the force behind at least a billion dollars worth of goods involving names from Eminem to Jay-Z.

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