Chuck Woo’s 2008 Music Business Telewebinar


Chuck Woo & Woo Media Works Presents: The 2008 Music Business TeleWebinar

A 6 Night, 90 minute per session, Music Knowledge Event that takes place on the attendees’ phone or computer. Each night Panelist discuss timely topics designed to give the attendee Trends, Techniques, Tools & Tips to make it in Today’s New Music Market.

Panels start at 9PM EST/6PM PST Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday during Week 1 and repeat same nights Week 2.

July 7th – The Business – The Music Business
July 8th – Publishing – ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SoundExchange
July 9th – Songwriting – Producing – Showcasing – Touring

July 14th – Marketing – Social Media – Promotion
July 15th – Radio, Distribution, Sell My Music
July 16th – Online Tools, Widgets, Mobile, Video

Panelist include: Madalyn Sklar, Chris Knab, Ernie Singleton, Ty Cohen, Bryan Calhoun, Christopher Cabott, Fiona Bloom, Cappriccieo Scates, Jason Rome and more.

Companies participating include: ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, Sound Exchange, Nimbit, AirPlayDirect, Synchronicity Live, ReverbNation, Myxertones, Submit My Music, Music Therapy 101, Nielson Entertainment.

Panelist are providing attendees with over $1000 in Premiums from their respective companies and organizations. i.e. Neilsen, the BDS/Soundscan Company is providing our registered attendees with half price off their 1st Song Activity Report. Neilsen will teach attendees how to upload their music for BDS and Soundscan tracking.

Chuck Woo, music consultant hosts all 6 nights of this Music Business TeleWebinar. Woo has long felt that the hotel music conference wasn’t the best learning environment for those wanting to really learn. “Logistics, expenses and other factors prevent these conferences from having the best information, best companies and best presentation for attendees. Now with gas prices at 4.00 per gallon, teleconferences and Webinars make more sense. Our convenient playback ability allows attendees to listen to the recorded sessions over and over until they get it Right!”

Registration is flexible and affordable. Attendees can register for 1 week of their choice or they can register for both weeks.

Registration is $99.00 per week. Register before July 5th and get both weeks with a 50% Discount off of the second week. Register for both weeks after July 5th and receive a 30% discount off of the second week. All Registered Attendees receive Panelist contact information, Panelists Premiums and access to the recorded Music Business TeleWebinar sessions. Attendees registering for both weeks also receive ‘The Best Label Management Software On The planet’. (visit the our website for software features)

“If artist are not using software to manage their music business, they are fighting a losing battle trying to stay organized and on top of their intellectual properties, publishing, BDS, projects, expenses, marketing etc.”

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This Music Business Telewebinar is about Knowledge!