Jay-Z’s Glastonbury Success


Jay-Z’ s show in Glastonbury this past weekend was hot and widely talked about because of comments made by Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher who did not feel the Jiggaman belonged at a festival usually reserved for rockers like him. We can only read Gallagher’s “concern” as ignorant racism because hip-hop is and has been the new rock and roll for the past 30 yrs. Jigga’s appearance onstage with a guitar singing Oasis’s hit song “Wonderwall” was the appropriate response because it made the connection between the genres visually apparent. This act on Jigga’s part is timely considering the recent passings of Ike Turner (an excellent guitarman) and Bo Diddley (another pioneer.) We would’ve hoped that Gallagher’s Englishness might have taught him something about Jimi Hendrix’s explosion on the continent some 41 yrs ago. We expect this kind of rock segregation attitude more from white American rockers. Too bad Keith Richards can’t explain the Black folks origin of rock to Gallagher because he’s also stupefied by hip-hop. See Jigga’s performance below: