Yo Majesty To Release EP In July, Full Length Album Out In October On Domino Records


The much anticipated debut from Yo! Majesty Futuristically SpeakingÅ Never Be Afraid will be available on CD and vinyl from Domino Records on October 7 2008. The Kryptonite Pussy EP will be released in digital and vinyl format on July 22 2008. With production from Basement Jaxx, Sunship, Radio Clit, Dee kline, CLP, Mercedes and Hard Feelings UK the Tampa, FL based Yo! Majesty are set to jump start the hip hop community with a release that is unforgiving and brutally honest. Futuristically SpeakingÅ Never Be Afraid is a testimonial to Yo! Majesty’s militant and often shocking lyrics, their lesbianism, Christianity and an open letter of rejection to hip hops triple curse of misogyny, homophobia and materialism. Track listings below.

Few acts combine rap music, pro-gay sloganeering and spiritual enlightenment quite like Yo! Majesty

If punk was originally about defying labels, celebrating misfits, creating new sounds, and doing it all on one’s own terms, hand-wringers about that genre should open their ears and listen no further. Because by those criteria, Yo! Majesty is the most punk fucking rock thing out there right now. MIAMI NEW TIMES

Yo! Majesty absolutely blew my mind. Shunda K & Jwl. B came out and tore into a set that was explosive, aggressive, and relentless. BROOKLYN VEGAN

Futuristically Speaking Never Be Afraid :

1. Fucked Up
2. Night Riders
3. Blame It On The Change
4. Never Be Afraid
5. Don’t Let Go
6. Booty Klap
7. Buy Love
8. Get Down On The Floor
9. Hott
10. Leather Jacket
11. Grindin’ And Shakin’
12. Party Hardy
13. Club Action
14. Take It Away

Kryptonite Pussy EP:

01. Kryptonite Pussy
02. Hey There Girl
03. Break Bread
04. Monkey
05. Hit It and Quit It