Hot 97 Summer Jam 2008 Review

Every year I’am at Summer Jam & can only tell my immediate circle of peoples who didn’t make it but now I have you to tell of what went down. So, I arrive to the concert with my man DJ Keyz (tickets courtesy of DJ Envy as if y’all didn’t know) as we watch a bunch of half naked woman walking around trying to get everyone’s attention (it worked) but then get mad when someone tries to holla at them. Breasts half way out, t-shirts tight (even if they’re stomach sticks out further than their breasts lol) & shorts so short up in their ass like they should be worn at night but no one was knocking the view or the dancing that was going on as a few nipple slips happened from dancing too hard. It was a good afternoon. It was the first Summer Jam at Giants Stadium in a while that there wasn’t a drop of rain so it made everyone attempt to put on their good clothes not caring that it’s crazy walking in & out of the stadium so your white sneakers will turn gray or black when they return home…. Anyway, let’s get into the show.
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