The Time Gig In Vegas

Who do you think about when you combine the words “Minneapolis” and “funk?” You probably — incorrectly — guessed Prince but give it another try.
HINT ONE: I, I’ve been watching you. I think I wanna know ya (know ya!)
HINT TWO: Said I, I’m a little dangerous. Girl’s I’d love to show ya. (Show ya!)
Guessed it yet? Here’s HINT THREE:
We are, of course, talking about MAGNIFICENT MORRIS DAY, sultan of style and master of all things totally kick-ass kewl. Not to mention his amazingly-talented band The Time. Mr. Day played the delightful villain (also known as Morris Day) from the Prince movies Purple Rain and Graffiti Bridge. Flamingo Las Vegas presents special limited dates for The Time — June 24 through July 5 and July 29 through Aug. 2.
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