Karen E. Quinones Miller Pens Self-Publishing Pamphlet for Aspiring Authors



Philadelphia, PA – When Karen E. Quinones Miller self published her first novel, Satin Doll, she not only sold 28,000 copies, but the feat led to a publishing deal with Simon and Schuster for six figures. Miller, who has since gone on to become a best-selling author, makes it her regular practice to help numerous aspiring authors attain their goals. Now, in an effort to reach out even further, she has written a pamphlet on how to self-publish that is not only affordable, but easy to understand. The Self-Publishing Pamphlet sells for only six dollars and can be purchased at the website www.selfpublishingsite.com .

Topics included in the 27-page pamphlet include:

-how to set up your publishing company;

-how to obtain ISBNs and barcodes;

-how to do your own typesetting,

-what to look for in an editor and much much more.
“I’ve given quite a number of self-publishing/publishing seminars here in Philly — and have always had to turn people away due to lack of room,” says Miller, an Essence bestselling author who also wrote I’m Telling, Ida B., and Passin’ – all published by major publishing houses such as Simon & Schuster, Warner Books and Grand Central Books.

“And when I made it known I don’t plan on conducting any more seminars this year people asked me to please send them the written material I use for the seminars, and said they’d be willing to pay the seminar cost ($85) just for the material. I think that’s way too much for struggling writers to pay for written material on how to self-publish. That’s why I wrote this pamphlet.”

Praise for the pamphlet has come from various other bestselling authors including Miasha, author of Secret Society, Diary of a Mistress, and Mommy’s Angel.

“When Karen E. Quinones Miller speaks, the literary world listens. Not only is she the poster-child for self-publishing and obtaining a deal, she is the most generous, compassionate, sharing person I know. And it shows in this packet of valuable information,” says Miasha, whose latest release is the hot selling, Sistah for Sale.

Daaimah S. Poole, another bestselling author whose books include Yo Yo Love, Got A Man, and All I Want is Everything, adds: “Karen has not only been a mentor to me, but to a host of published authors in all genres. Whenever anyone asks me about publishing or self-publishing a manuscript I’ve always referred them to Karen. Now with the writing of this pamphlet she can help thousands of other people successfully get their books out to the public.”

Miller, who is also the CEO of Oshun Publishing which recently released the non-fiction blockbuster: Harlem Godfather: The Rap on My Husband, Ellsworth “Bumpy” Johnson, says she will soon be writing future pamphlets on guerilla marketing and how to get your manuscript published by large publishers.

“My goal is to take some of the mystery out of publishing ,” says Miller. “It’s about time we open up the publishing game in a way that gives everyone a chance at success in this highly competitive business.”
For more information on The Self-Publishing Pamphlet, go to www.selfpublishingsite.com and secure all the tools you need to write your own best-seller!


Karen E. Quinones Miller is the author of the Essence best selling novels Satin Doll, I’m Telling, Using What You Got, and Ida B., (nominated for an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work – Fiction), and Satin Nights. She is also the co-author of “Harlem Godfather: The Rap on My Husband, Ellsworth ‘Bumpy’ Johnson.” Formerly a reporter for The Philadelphia Inquirer, she self-published her first novel, Satin Doll, and sold 3,000 copies in just six weeks –and subsequently sold 28,000 copies in six months. Miller, who is included in the book Literary Divas: The Top 100+ Most Admired African-American Women in Literature, is often referred to as the “Aretha Franklin of the Publishing World,” and has been a mentor to many new and upcoming authors. To find more about Miller visit: www.karenequinonesmiller.com

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13 years ago

I just finally finished reading Passin. It was a must read for me. I had sugessed it for our reading group but was unable to be there for it. Thank you for writting it. I identified in many ways. In ways Ive been Passig all of my life. On the phone and then when I meet people in person they do a double take and look puzzeled.