Statement From HSAN On The Sean Bell Verdict


Statement from the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network President/CEO
Dr. Benjamin Chavis:

The Hip-Hop Summit Action Network expressed today its profound dismay in the wake of the not guilty verdicts for the New York City police officers who were involved in the killing of Sean Bell. Hip-hop is an inclusive cultural phenomenon that represents the highest aspirations of all youth of the human family. The injustice that is so evident in the case of Sean Bell reminds us of the old America at a time when millions of young people are raising their voices and votes for a new America. Police brutality is not a new phenomenon, but unfortunately, the system of justice, particularly in New York City, appears to be incapable of rendering equal justice without the taint of racial bias and prejudice. The anger and disgust that the hip-hop community certainly feels today should not be permitted to develop into anything negative, as a response. Sean Bell’s death will not be in vain, to the extent to which millions of youth work even harder to demand equal justice, and to fundamentally change the current system of injustice.

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15 years ago

Someone posted up an analogy comparing this travesty of justice to the 3/5 compromise, and this seems to sum up the way African-American lives are still valued far too often. I have some sympathy for cops in general, they have a tough job with tough calls, but this was just inexcusable. I have white, Latino and Asian friends backing us up on this, so this is hardly an unusual conclusion. This was, without any doubt, a horrendous act against a human being, and a decent one at that, taking care of his family. While accounts vary, Sean Bell seems to… Read more »