Scheme Interview With Erykah Badu



“The reason we’re so out of balance in society is because the male and female are so separate and far apart. That’s a very unlike us as a resilient African people. We can go far back in Africa and it was mixed up then, but if you go further and further back to Kemet you see the Ma’at balance; where the female is God and the male is also God. So if we really want to restore our world, spirit and our vitality we must go back to Ma’at.” Erykah Badu

Whether you think she’s obtuse, strange, unorthodox, odd or just plain weird, Erykah Badu’s music is an extension and reflection of her growth as a spiritual being. Once that realization occurs, hopefully there will be an acknowledgment that she’s no different from anyone else. If she’s in the classroom or behind the microphone, the new technologically savoy “Analogue Girl” has successfully injected herself into the internet world. Ms. Badu’s primary objective is to inspire and educate people by controlling and operating on the right frequencies. Her first installment of the four part sequence, New Amerykah: 4th World War, is the foundation of things to come. Click here