Kickmag’s 2007 Racist Incidents In Music



Janet Jackson being questioned about the Superbowl on an interview with Tyler Perry for Why Did I Get Married?

It’s been 4 years since the Superbowl wardrobe malfunction and Janet is still being questioned about it but Justin Timberlake has consistently worked and not received the same reaction from people. The year before the Superbowl Madonna and Britney Spears kissed at the MTV Awards and America shrugged it off as pop performance art. Enough fans of Janet’s complained and Mark S. Allen apologized to her.

Hip-hop being the scapegoat for the Don Imus Incident.

Don Imus used hip-hop as his excuse for the ‘nappy-headed hoes’ comment he made about the Rutgers women’s basketball team. Imus’s career is about as old as hip-hop and he never once made mention of the music before the incident. Don Imus does not listen to hip-hop and never interviewed one hip-hopper but somehow he learned their language and was only trying to be cool and funny when he attacked the team. Imus supporters felt that Black people were being hypocritical and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton just liked playing the race card for individual gain. Before year’s end Imus went back to work on-air with a Black woman sidekick.

Phil Spector not receiving the same media coverage as OJ Simpson.

Although the murder at his home took place in 2003 since that time Spector has been allowed to have a low-key existence even marrying a woman young enough to be his
granddaughter. Two months before the murder Spector described himself as being insane and all of his closest family have said the same., His children, ex-wife, colleagues and former collaborators have all said the same about him. On the night of the killing his confessed that Spector ran out of his mansion after the gunshot and said “I Think I Killed Someone.” The jury could not agree on a side and the judge declared a mistrial. This blatant act of racism and moneyism gave Spector the confidence to show-up at Ike Turner’s funeral and blast Tina Turner, Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey. Mr.Spector managed to be racist and sexist.

Kanye West not getting top billing at the MTV Video Music Awards.

It’s true Kanye does throw temper tantrums however after one of the biggest hype campaigns in pop and hip-hop music between him and 50 Cent his album came in at the Billboard no. 1 spot. Britney Spears had nothing but fodder for the tabloids all year. Even she knew she was not ready to hit stage and when her soggy performance was over she ran backstage and cried.

Timbaland needing Justin Timberlake’s body to reach higher pinnacles of success.

It wasn’t good enough that Timbaland had produced lots of important music for black artists in the ’90s. In order for him to become truly A-list he had to help the former Mickey Mouse Club traitor to Janet Jackson Justin Timberlake create a creditable sonic identity. After producing “Cry Me A River” and Future Sex Love Sounds he became papparazzi material. But Timbaland always had the funk.

Bill O’Reilly speaking out against Nas performing at Virginia Tech and Nas performs anyway.

Nas’s career has it’s contradictions like going from being a no-frills lyricist to a character named
Nas Escobar but there is nothing conflicted about a rapper wanting to give positive support to
a tragic situation. O’Reilly has a habit of bashing rappers and blaming rap music for America’s problems. We expect to see him on the list every year.