R.I.P. Ike Turner


Before there was Elvis and even before Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry and Little Richard came into their own Ike Turner recorded the first rock song “Rocket 88.” His music and professionalism influenced countless musicians and performers. Unfortunately the negative aspects of his marriage to Tina Turner overshadow his art. But Tina was a teenager when she approached him to sing in his band and those experiences helped give her the chops needed to become the international solo star of Private Dancer. And there are several white artists who have committed other acts of inhumanity who have not received the same amount of vilification as did Mr.Turner A lot of great musicians are seriously flawed and while Mr.Turner would probably never earn the title of Husband of The Year we thank him for his steaming rhythm, The Ikettes and Tina. Thankfully he received his second
Grammy this year for Traditional Blues Album of The Year.