Ghostface Killah On Rehab



Ghostface Killah was responsible for two of 2006’s best hip-hop releases with Fishscale and More Fish, and this year he’s done it again with his excellent new solo album The Big Doe Rehab and 8 Diagrams, the long-anticipated new record from Wu-Tang Clan. He spoke with Vulture about Rehab, his record label, and why he’s not competing with other rappers.

What does the title, The Big Doe Rehab, mean?
Big Doe Rehab is basically like being in rehab. Boom! You put yourself in the rehab for having too much money. Know what I mean? And rehab is somewhere where people go when they’re fucked up — too much alcohol, too much drugs, too much money. I love the title. It came to me when I was sleeping, and I liked the sound, so I said, “Okay, name it that.” read more or here