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Necro’s new album, Death Rap, is poised to reinvent hip-hop and aggressive metal music as we know it. Not many other artists have managed to strike a balance between the two styles of music without watering down one or the other. Death Rap pushes both genres to their extremes, far surpassing anything Necro or anyone else has done in the past.

While Necro is an underground hip-hop legend, his first musical project was playing guitar in a death metal band. However, his love of rap music soon set him on the path of writing, recording, and releasing albums on his own label Psycho+Logical-Records. Necro created a cult following, based on word of mouth and clever street promotion. His first two albums: I Need Drugs and Gory Days each sold over 30,000 copies and are highly regarded in the underground hip-hop community. Necro started to show his metal roots with 2004’s Prefix for Death, an album that featured collaborations with members of Hatebreed, Slipknot, Obituary, S.O.D. and was even more successful than anything he had done before. His past successes have enabled Necro to build up a strong online following with over 130,000 friends on MySpace and a massive YouTube presence.

Now in 2007, Necro is concentrating on his career, rigorously touring the world for the first time and releasing his most ambitious album to date. Death Rap features more of what fans love about Necro: raw lyrical skill, dirty hip-hop beats and an array of guest stars of the current and classic metal scene. Guest appearances include Mark Morton of Lamb of God, Brian Fair of Shadows Fall, Scott Ian of Anthrax, Steve DiGiorgio of Death, and Adam Jackson from Twelve Tribes. Death Rap is truly going to be a genre defining record for hip-hop and metal fans everywhere.

Audio stream of first single “Some Get Back (Revenge):”

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Major US tour with Insane Clown Posse:

o 10/15 – Philadelphia , PA

o 10/16 – Norfolk , VA

o 10/19 – Worcester , MA

o 10/20 – Hartford , CT

o 10/21 – Cleveland , OH

o 10/23 – Sauget , IL

o 10/24 – Tulsa , OK

o 10/26 – Milwaukee , WI

o 10/27 – Noblesville , IN

o 10/28 – Chicago , IL

o 10/30 – Columbus , OH

o 10/31 – Detroit , MI


1. Creepy Crawl

2. No Remorse

3. Some Get Back (Revenge)

4. Belligerent Gangsters feat. Harley Flanagan of The Cro-Mags

5. Suffocated To Death By God’s Shadow feat. Brian Fair of Shadows Fall, Mark Morton of Lamb of God, Mike Smith of Suffocation, & Steve DiGiorgio of Death/Sadus

6. Mutilate The Beat

7. Keep On Driving

8. Technician Of Execution

9. Keeping It Real feat Adam Jackson of Twelve Tribes

10. Exploitation feat. Mr. Hyde

11. As Deadly As Can Be feat. ILL Bill

12. Evil Rules feat. Scott Ian of Anthrax, Dave Ellefson formerly of Megadeth & Ray Alder of Fates Warning

13. Forensic Pathology

14. Portrait Of A Death Rapper