Hood Estate:The Manual


NEW YORK —American entrepreneurs have made millions in the real estate market. Unfortunately it is an industry that is too often closed to underprivileged people, though they have their own enterprising dreams. Despite the current real estate slump, real estate mogul SPAR-aka-Leonard Person JR., CEO and Founder of Hood Estate, says it is still possible to make it big in the industry. It’s all laid out in his “manual,” Hood Estate, a self-published book that will hit stores September 30, 2007 . Though it is a business tool, SPAR hopes the book will help lift the oppressive economic yoke that has held so many down in the “hood.”

Hood Estate offers easy simple steps to teach readers how to establish and repair their credit. This book, written by SPAR, will show you how to acquire property, how to do short sales, how to choose the right mortgage program, dealing with real estate attorneys, appraisers, title companies, buying tax certificates, flipping properties and so much more. SPAR, who has been buying and flipping houses for the past several years, has skewed this book to reach the minority market who is trying to find a legitimate way out of the “hood” and/or how to achieve wealth and success. One of the goals of Hood Estate is to help young urban consumers to develop great credit and to become homeowners.

SPAR recognizes that good credit is essential to success, and therefore uses the book to set forth the tenets of credit repair through disputing derogatory accounts on your credit profile and adding Trade Lines. Trade Lines are secure credit cards that allow the user to build their non-existent or rebuild their existing damaged credit (FICO) score. The higher the credit line on the Trade Line, the higher the FICO score will become. SPAR saw this as an opportunity to help the young urban consumer, many of whom have credit problems that thus impacts one’s ability to own real estate.

This book is a blueprint for success, for aspiring individuals, even for those who don’t have the academic credentials. According to SPAR, readers can change their lives within one year–if they are willing to follow the book’s guidelines. “The steps are simple, and doable,” says SPAR. “We give you a no-fail outline to follow.”

The book, which retails for $39.99, can be purchased by going to www.hoodestate.com and clicking on the icon that says “Purchase Book.”

Hood Estate, a company dedicated to credit restoration and home ownership for the underprivileged, has a goal of educating young consumers in urban areas to engage the real estate market in promoting their wealth. Hood Estate LLC, is part of the Heaven Homes, LLC Investment Company. Hood Estate: A manual for a new success-filled life.