Gladys Knight Talks About The Music Industry With Lee Bailey



*Gladys Knight has one of the most distinctive and recognizable singing voices in the world today, and her speaking voice isn’t so bad either.

Our Lee Bailey recently had the opportunity to speak with Ms. Knight. When asked about the modern state of popular music he touched a nerve. Here’s why Gladys says modern music annoys her.

“One of my pet peeves is being categorized, so to speak,” the music legend told our publisher. “Not just because of the kind of music you were doing, but how you looked. Whether you could do pop music material sometimes was dependent upon whether you were African-American or not African American and that used to bother me so much.”

We would imagine that Ms. Knight is but one of many who remember this ‘type casting,’ if you will, in the music business. Despite this, Gladys says she was reared by her mother to be versatile from the very beginning.
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