Free Music Industry Teleseminar – August 29th


Topic: The Ultimate Secret to Breaking Independently Without a Label
With Jonah Fialkoff and DJ Cyd Scott

Date: Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Time: 6 PM Eastern /5 PM Central/ 4 PM Mountain/3 PM Pacific

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The teleseminar will cover:
– How to fill your pipeline with hungry, easy to please fans who will practically beg for your live shows and music…and will NOT blink an eye when you charge $19.95 for a digital download!

– the overlooked, “secret” easy internet promotion tools to get a huge surge of publicity and fans …and how to get in on this “ground floor” opportunity!

– the irrefutable techniques of promotion that prove to your fans that they absolutely, positively MUST have your music and concert tickets…and how to get them pumped and ready!

– The sweet spot, or PERFECT instant when the planets align and everything comes together at the right time for maximum success with your fans…and the WORST time to promote to them (hint -this is what 99% of other indie artists do – don’t fall into this trap!)

-Turning lemons into lemonade – how to get fans who might have otherwise never heard of you!

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Message from Jonah Fialkoff:
To fulfill my mission of improving the independent music scene, on August 29 I am holding a one-time special teleseminar about the Ultimate Secret I have used to ship over 20,000 units on release day of my first album and created 2 top 20 Billboard charting artists. My friends and fellow indie artists have convinced me. I’ll walk you through everything you need to know to get the record sales, gigs and publicity you deserve.

Join me to find out:
– What a smart promotional system is and what it can do for you
– How to avoid becoming a “victim” to tour promoters and labels who want to rip you off
– The ultimate “Secret Weapon” to make music promotion brain dead easy to implement
– The single secret that smart indie artists have learned to boost their fan recruitment by 30%
– 7 Secrets to stop fighting and start winning
– 5+ Specific action steps to implement

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