Bill Laswell’s supergroup METHOD OF DEFIANCE



Bill Laswell’s super group METHOD OF DEFIANCE spawns highly ambitious new project entitled INAMORATA.This compositional masterpiece intertwines and weaves the best electronica artists with the most sublime virtuoso musicians on the planet. It’s a riveting and refreshing concept album that’s the brainchild and creation of Mr. Bill Laswell who is best known for his avant garde work and repertoire that pushes the envelope. He’s also the master behind Axiom Records.

INAMORATA blends some of the most magnificent sounds of the new era with the Miles Davis era of electronic fusion. The project combines drum n bass/electronica with virtuoso musicians. Artists such as Herbie Hancock, John Zorn and the Masada Strings, to Buckethead, Pharaoh Sanders, Paradox, Bernie Worrell, Karsh Kale, Toshinori Kondo, Submerged, Outrage, and others.
12 beat smiths were commissioned from the top tiers of drum n bass to create 12 phenomenal tracks.

Never before has a project of this magnitude and vision come together in quite this shape, sound and color.

It’s adventurous in production, Dynamic in vision and overall a cutting edge TOUR DE FORCE…

This is the 2nd album from Method of Defiance. Produced and Arranged by Bill Laswell. It’s released on the highly reputable Ohm Resistance which is considered one of the best drum n bass record companies in the industry.