Sacha Jenkins and Livingroom Johnston in Eyejammie Show on May 9



SHR and Livingroom Johnston Pair Up in “Write on Bros.”
Joint Show at Eyejammie Opens on Wednesday, May 9

The artist/writers Sacha Jenkins SHR and Livingroom Johnston are
teaming up to exhibit their works in a show entitled “Write On Bros.:
Paintings and Words by Sacha Jenkins SHR and the Legendary Livingroom
Johnston.” Hosted by the Eyejammie Fine Arts Gallery, the show will begin
with an opening night reception on Wednesday, May 9, 2007, from six until
nine o’clock. It will remain up through Saturday, June 2, 2007. The
Eyejammie Fine Arts Gallery is located at 516 W.25th Street, Suite 306,
in Manhattan.

“Write On Bros.” will be devoted — in Jenkins’s words — to works
exploring “New York, slavery, clandestine emancipation, and the notion that
God is one of us.” For the most part, these works will be paintings on
canvas (Johnston) and on wood, canvas, and corrugated plastic

Jenkins is variously known as the editorial director of Mass Appeal
magazine and co-founder of the ego trip collective, whose most recent
product was the reality television series “The White Rapper Show” for VH1.
His first show at Eyejammie, “Writers Convention: A Collaborative Study
of Pigments,” took place in November and December of 2005.

Johnston is a pioneering skateboarder, self-published novelist, and
painter. In 1989 he became the first black man to grace the cover of
Transworld magazine. Since March of 2004 he has written six well-received
hand-made novels, beginning with “Harlem Remembers the Bronx.”
Johnston’s first one-man show of paintings occurred in New York in July of

Cey Adams’s “Untitled: An Exhibition of Original Skateboard Art” will
remain on display at Eyejammie through Saturday, May 5.

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