Classic Soul/Rock Singing Sensation Liv Warfield To Release Debut Album



Liv Warfield is one of the most promising voices in indie soul music today. Her triumphant debut album, Embrace Me, is a compelling overload, combining warm, seductive vocals and vintage R&B with a funky new-age twist. Her music is a celebration of love and life; a powerful package of brilliant songwriting and flawless harmonizing. But Liv’s greatness lies in her simplicity. She still has that demure mid-western charm about herself and a unique vulnerability that paints a picture of a young woman with an old soul full of timeless, liberated melodies.

“Ascending from a family history of extraordinary talent arises a self-trained singer, songwriter, performer, arranger and co-producer, Liv Warfield. Warfield is R&B’s purest new musician since Sade. Out of an era dominated by the R&B synthesizer, over sampled hip-hop production and a distinctly bohemian neo-soul movement, emerges a fundamentally pure artist that defies the modern trends of her genre and embodies a global art form through her cross-categorical appeal. A singer who organically blends classic soul, electric rock, sultry rhythm and straight-up sexy blues like Tina Turner—and it’s only the beginning. Artistic genius flows through the veins of this Peoria-born songstress and close relative of the late comedian Richard Pryor. It is through Warfield’s lyrical clarity, her vocal conviction and the brilliance of her timeless arrangements, where she eclipses her contemporaries. Her succinct and purposeful songwriting, inspired by the “message music” of Curtis Mayfield, fuses her gospel-guided sensibilities with secular lyrics that are sultry without sacrificing her foundation of moral authority.” CD Baby

Liv, who is the cousin of legendary comedian Richard Pryor, didn’t inherit her love of music by way of genetics, Sunday morning church choir participation or school band rehearsals, although she did play the violin for 13 years, Liv was a track star who longed to sing. Born and raised in Peoria, Illinois to a family of prideful, standout athletes Liv kept her emotions, talents and dreams to herself and lived vicariously through her musical hero’s such as Jill Scott, Nina Simone, Tina Turner, Sarah Vaughn, Sade and Mary J. Blige. “All of these women have strong voices and there is something in each of them that I see in myself. They were not afraid to be vulnerable and didn’t put on fronts. They were raw, pure and intense.”

“In four years she has gone from a raw talent, unsure of herself onstage, often sitting on a stool wearing a running suit, to a powerhouse, assured of her talent and her ability to move an audience, punctuating her music with movement and magically made-over to allow her outer beauty to match the inner beauty bursting out of every pore.” The Oregonian Newspaper

Embrace Me, is all about acceptance and not being afraid to spread your wings to soar to the next level. It is a woman’s album with male sensibilities. Along with an intoxicating blend of rock, alternative, soul and R&B rhythms, there are lush, rhythmic details and arrangements that create a magical sound, with one common thread on the 11-track album being about love- losing love, receiving love, giving love; the pains, the thrills, the inspiration and the disappointment. On the uncomplicated track, “ABC’s”, a mid-tempo jam about loving yourself for who you are every single day and letting your mind be free, Liv perfects the undisputed rule of being true to ones self. While “I Decided” is a slow-burning groove that deals with the heartache of leaving an emotionally-destructive relationship, “Work For Me”, is an inspiring, educational and uplifting single, that transcends time. Liv also drops a dramatic jewel on the live, epic ballad “Brother Man”.

“One of the best surprises of all, 27 year old Liv Warfield. The Peoria native comes out of left field as a kind of Sade-meets-Jill Scott-meets-Anita Baker, her sultry, steamy voice deftly handling an excellent collection of jazz-influenced soul on her debut album, Embrace Me, live instrumentation is the perfect backdrop for Warfield’s groovy, appealing compositions and her surprisingly assured vocals. A stunning new talent and one of the best debut albums you’ll hear this year.” Soultracks

As the year winds down, I wanted to take a moment to share with you one of the best CDs that I’ve heard in 2006. The artist is Liv Warfield, and the name of her debut release is “Embrace Me”. She’s a very talented young lady hailing from Portland, Oregon. Liv Warfield can SANG! Its R&B music at it’s best; soulful, sensual, funky, and raw. I don’t know what’s going on out in the mid-west, but I think we’re missing out on
something. Discover soulful music from the heartland. Liv Warfield’s “Embrace
Me” is the perfect introduction.” Rhythm Flow

Crooning sweetly on sexy radio-ready tracks and easy-listening ballads, Liv expertly pairs emotive poetry and lyrical storytelling amidst the soundscape of solid instrument laden grooves. Having opened for heavy hitters such as B.B. King, The Dave Matthews Band, The Roots and Floetry, to name a few, this self-described “spontaneous, laid back” chanteuse, has not always been so fortunate in her career. “I’ve sat on the street and sang until five in the morning, sang for money to put gas in the car, checked out of my apartment to be able to have money to do music.”

“This is a lovely, strong set of songs, with Liv’s vocals forefront, indicating the quality of this woman’s vocal delivery. The opener ‘A, B, C’ has, not only Bernard ‘Pretty’ Purdie on drums and vocal chores, but quite the ‘dirtiest’ bassline I have heard all year. An excellent opener, that leads us through Liv’s Soulful musical garden. These songs are all of a very high standard, with, perhaps, ‘Waiting’, ‘Work For Me’ and ”Get Away’ being the sets other highlights. All told, very satisfying throughout and a great addition to any Soul collection.”

“Liv is a singer and a songwriter with unlimited potential. She is a vibrant 27 year-old black woman who has all the things going for her that could make her a star. Warfield is so damned positive, such a good wordsmith, sings with such power and conviction that even jaded old reporters can see sunbeams shooting out the top of her head. Her love songs aren’t sappy or nasty, they’re sexual, but you actually get the feeling she’s talking about love with sex. Quite a concept. She sings about the heartbreak without whining, and calls him out without calling names.” Counterpunch

Hip-hop, pop, R&B, soul, rock from a female perspective, the rising star of Liv Warfield and her debut Embrace Me are soon to shoot to instant-classic status. “You can listen to this CD all the way through and it’s going to keep you in a vibe the whole time and then you’re gong to want to listen to it again. You can take away everything else, but my music is something that I will fight for.” Spoken like a woman set out to conquer the world.

“Local soul sister Liv Warfield may have gotten her start karaoke-ing at the Galaxy, but now she counts stars like Method Man among her admirers.” Portland Mercury Newspaper

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