Boyz II Men-Releases New Album Online in US


(Los Angeles, CA) February 14, 2006 – Boyz II Men most anticipated new album, The Remedy will finally be available to the group’s US fans this Wednesday, Valentine’s Day. A date that is a very appropriate and significant for the group who are known for their classic love songs.

The album is already creating a buzz and will be met excitedly by fans old and new, as it is a mixture of smooth, sweet ballads with up-tempo beats and sexy songs to get you in the mood for The Remedy. The new music represents a new outlook and attitude for the guys. This time out they are completely in control of their choices and their entire album creating new songs that will include both signature soulful ballads and upbeat harmonies for which their fans associate with Boyz II Men.

The album has been released in Japan and has already seen success outselling top acts such as Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson. The response has been phenomenal. They are definitely listening to Boyz II Men in Japan; The Remedy sold 49k units in the first week it was released.

Boyz II Men are currently on tour in Australia, performing their classics to sold out audiences everywhere and promoting the release of their new album. In 2005, they performed at the US Open, the LA Clippers’ opening game and on the FOX show Celebrity Duets.

Originally, the CD was scheduled to be a double CD, but with such a busy 2006 and new opportunities in 2007 they ran out of time. The good news for fans is that they are already working on the next project so this CD is a little more of a personal gift to the fans.