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EKKAH & DâM-FunK-What’s Up?

London R&B/Pop duo EKKAH and DâM-FunK re-live rollerskating sessions and big hair with their collaboration single, “What’s Up.” DâM-FunK’s masterful reworking of ’70’s & ’80’s synth-funk includes a sample of Young & Company’s “I What You’re Doing To Me” Rebecca Wilson and Rebekah Pennington are EKKAH and they play the bass guitar and saxophone in their band that has already supported their idol, Nile Rodgers. DâM-FunK also produced “Space Between Us” which is the b-side to “What’s Up”  and both songs will be on their debut album due early next year.


Throwback: Young & Company- I Like What You’re Doing To Me


Billy, Mike and Kenneth Young of East Orange, New Jersey formed Young & Company with the addition of vocalist Jackie Thomas in 1979. “I Like What You’re Doing To Me” took off as a club record in places like The Paradise Garage in New York City and Club Zanzibar in New Jersey. The song was also popular in roller rinks nationwide despite having very little radio play outside of the late Frankie Crocker’s legendary radio show. Starleana Young, who sang with of the ’80’s funk groups Slave and Aura is their sibling. “I Like What You’re Doing To Me” was famously sampled by hip-hop group Black Sheep for “Strobelite Honey” and by DJ Quik for his song, “Dollaz And Sense.”