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Yancey Boys-Lovin’ You Feat. Eric Roberson

“Lovin’ You” is the Yancey Boys and Eric Roberson riffing on the pleasure of romance and they piece it together with black and white footage from a show.


Yancey Boys-Quicksand Feat. Common & Dezi Paige (Official Video)

Illa J, Frank Nitt, Common and Dezi Paige are moving figures around the Watts Towers in Los Angeles for the official “Quicksand” video. The J Dilla-produced Sunset Blvd is out now. You can also stream it at DJBooth.net.


Yancey Boys-Quicksand Feat.Common & Dezi Paige


Illa J and Frank Nitt are The Yancey Boys and “Quicksand” is a single with Common and Dezi Paige from their upcoming Sunset Blvd album. J.Dilla provides production posthumously with beats left behind and officially curated by Frank Nitt.


Yancey Boys-The Throwaway

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The Yancey Boys are having fun with their Throwaway EP that has allowed Delicious Vinyl to unearth more Dilla beats.


Interview With Illa J

Siblings of the famous always have the burden of being comparably scrutinized to their prominent kinfolk. Janet Jackson earned her place as a solo star but no lengthy article written about her omits the relationship to brother Michael. The Rhythm Nation performer established her own catalog in a post-Thriller world but will always be Michael’s little sister. And to her credit Ms. Jackson has been gracious to interviewers who ask her about Michael and is always proud to be a member of the first family of R&B royalty. Illa J is experiencing something similar being the younger brother of hip-hop’s most intriguing beat scientist. The unexpected passing of the older brother in ’06 devastated his family and made hip-hop aficionados mourn the loss of hip-hop’s most innovative producer.