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Media Questions Of The Week


Is Whoopi Goldberg right about weaves being a form of cultural appropriation?

Will the Justice Department reopen the Emmett Till case since Jeff Sessions met with the Till family after Till’s accuser, Carolyn Bryant admitted to author Timothy B. Tyson that she lied about Till’s actions?

Why did Pepsi think that Kendall Jenner ad’s that trivialized the Black Lives Matter movement and the Civil Rights Movement would be acceptable?


Media Questions Of The Week

1. Wasn’t it a pleasant surprise when the jazz musician Esperanza Spalding won the Best New Artist Grammy?

2. Why were Justin Bieber’s fans so racist and hateful towards Esperanza Spalding for winning the Best New Artist Grammy award instead of him?

3. Why didn’t The Roots win the Grammy for Best Rap Album when everyone knows that Eminem made a pop record?

4. Is Q-Tip really going to play Miles Davis in a play written by Nelson George?


Media Questions Of The Week

1. Did ODB’s widow really sell his last album A Son Unique for no more than 10,000?


2. Why did Whoopi Goldberg defend Mel Gibson?

3. When will Missy record again?


Whoopi Goldberg “Celebrates” Birthday On The View With Kool And The Gang


Whoopi flanked by Kahlis Bayyan (3rd from left) & Kool (to Whoopi’s left), George Brown (second on her right), and DT.

For her birthday celebration on Friday the 13, Whoopi Goldberg requested Kool and the Gang to perform on the show. The band was glad to fulfill this wish. Whoopi introduced them as, “R & B trailbrazers who wrote the national anthem of party songs, “Celebration.” Kool and the Gang changed a few lyrics, “To Whoopi Goldberg and The View we are going to celebrate and party with you.”

Whoopi, Sherrie and Joy Behar flanked on the left by Khalis Bayyan (2nd from left) and Kool (Whoopi’s left) and DT (far right).

Photo credits: Ida Mae Astute/ABC (American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.)


India.Arie’s Broadway Debut Postponed

Eurweb is reporting that India.Arie’s broadway debut has been postponed because a backer pulled out.
It would have been nice to see India take on this monumental play by Ntozake Shange. Read the story here.