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Playdough & Sean Patrick-No Requests Featuring Tanya Morgan

Texas rapper Playdough and producer Minister Sean Patrick rework Rockmaster Scott & The Dynamic Three’s “Request Line” with Tanya Morgan. The nostalgic song is part of their upcoming 1985 Party Time Excellent album.


Tanya Morgan-12 Minutes At Karriem’s

Brookyln rappers Tanya Morgan take beats from Karriem Riggin’s Alone Together and rhyme over them to give you 12 Minutes At Karriem’s available with one click.


Hipnott Records Gives Away Holiday Album

Hipnott Records is showing appreciation for the fans’ support with this free holiday compilation album featuring a variety of artists on their roster including Tanya Morgan and The Other Guys.


Von Pea Announces New LP Produced by The Other Guys

Von Pea of Tanya Morgan announces a new project titled, To:You produced exclusively by D.C.’s The Other Guys. They are bypassing their usual concerns about their specific likes and focused on making music to with the fans’s taste in mind.


Tanya Morgan Signs To HiPNOTT Records


Brooklynati rap duo Tanya Morgan have officially signed to Hipnott Records. Donwill and Von Pea who hail from Cincinnati and Brooklyn worked with Hipnott previously on their 2011 album, You And What Army. Last year they released their critically acclaimed Rubber Souls project. Hipnott label owner Kevin Nottingham and Morgan are eager to release new music and take Tanya Morgan, who have been described as the “sons of De La Soul” to the next level.