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Sa-Ra Black Fuzz The Continuum 2016

Sa-Ra is coming back in 2016 with Black Fuzz and this short clip is the first teaser for the album that will follow-up 2009’s Nuclear Evolution: The Age Of Love.


Shafiq Husayn Releases It’s Better For You EP

Shafiq Husayn, who is also known as one-third of SA-RA Creative Partners has a new EP of cosmic R&B entitled It’s Good For You. The Eglo Records release is available via Bandcamp on can be pre-ordered on iTunes before the US digital release.


tAz Arnold-Back Up On The Track

tAz Arnold is back with colorful fashion and pretty girls to make his “Back Up On The Track” video look like an all day and all night party. His solo album Hood Love is coming sometime in 2014.


Shafiq Husayn – Pre-Alignment, Vol. 1: A Prelude To The L∞P FREE MIX

Shafiq Husayn is giving away his Pre-Alignment, Vol. 1: A Prelude To The L∞P. One-third of Sa Ra has 26 minutes of unreleased beats and collaborations with Krondon (Strong Arm Steady), J Mitchell, Breezy Lovejoy and D-Prosper. The project is literally a prelude to his Shafiq En’ A Free Ka follow-up The L∞P.


tAz Arnold-Jimmy Music Visual

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tAz Arnold carries on with his tongue-in-cheek R&B experiments with this visual mash-up of pop culture images from the last 50 years.

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