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Kendrick Lamar & Q-Tip: Want U 2 Want Me

Q-Tip shared “Want U 2 Want Me” on his Beats 1 Abstract Radio show this weekend. The song is an unreleased collaboration with Kendrick Lamar. He gave no details on the song’s background but it’s one more thing to hear from Lamar including the just-released Black Panther soundtrack.


Media Questions Of The Week

Will the Buzzfeed report on R. Kelly running an all-female cult hurt his career?


Is 2017 really the first time hip-hop was the dominant music genre in the United States?

When will Beyonce get a wax figure that actually looks like her?

What will 2Chainz album sound like after Q-Tip works on it?

Why did David Benioff and D.B. Weiss who are the creators of Games Of Thrones feel the need to make the TV show Confederate which is about modern day slavery?


J.Dilla: Motor City J-Rocc Blend # 2 Featuring Q-Tip & Busta Rhymes

Motor City is a new collection of unheard instrumentals from J.Dilla handpicked by his mother Maureen Yancey who is simply known as Ma Dukes. The 19-song tracklisting is packaged as a letter from her to Dilla with a handwritten message in a mailing envelope. J Rocc of the Beat Junkies was Dilla’s friend and he has a mix of the album included as a download code. Blend #2 has Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes rapping over a Dilla beat in a reworking of Pharrell’s “For The Nasty.” Motor City will be released April 28th and can be pre-ordered on Friday.


A Tribe Called Quest Steals The Show At The Grammy’s

A Tribe Called Quest surprised the Grammy audience with their powerful performance of “We The People.”  Busta Rhyme’s declaration that “President Agent Orange is perpetuating evil” and  ATCQ are the most popular trending topics on Twitter regarding The Grammy’s. The group brought Muslims onstage, knocked down a wall and encouraged everyone to ‘resist’ in obvious reference to President Trump’s proposed wall and travel ban. Portraits of Phife Dawg hung high above in the ceiling and there was a lone microphone stand where he would normally be onstage Anderson.paak and Consequence joined Jarobi, Q-Tip and Busta as the audience became more alive.


Q-Tip Talks About A Tribe Called Quest’s Last Album



Gayle King interviewed Q-Tip at his New Jersey home for CBS This Morning and they discuss A Tribe Called Quest and the release of their last album, We Got From Here…Thank You 4 Your Service. The album comes out tomorrow and it is one of the biggest music releases this year because it will mark the official end of an era. Q-Tip shows King his home studio, vinyl collection and the tracklisting for the album. He also talks about his lifelong friendship with group member Phife Dawg who passed away earlier this year.