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Chuck D’s Artmageddon Show Will Open January 12th At Shephard Fairey’s Subliminal Projects Gallery

Chuck D’s watercolor art will make its public debut January 12th at Shephard Fairey’s Subliminal Arts Gallery in Los Angeles. The show is a surprise because Chuck D is known as the founder of Public Enemy and a member of the Prophets Of Rage band. Artmageddon is the name of the exhibit and Chuck D said this in a press release: 

“Like hip-hop, visual art has the power to deliver a message with an explosive force. Shepard has created a space to remind us all that visual art has a voice, a place, an impact on the world we are living in.  It insists that you think and makes you feel. I’m humbled to have my work hang on the walls of Subliminal Projects.”

Chuck D’s visual art is in the permanent collection at The Smithsonian’s National Museum Of African American History And Culture. Last year the hip-hop legend released the solo album Celebration Of Ignorance. For more information on Subliminal Projects check out their website.  



Prophets Of Rage: Heart Afire Official Audio

Hip-Hop and rock supergroup Prophets Of Rage shared their new song “Heart Afire” today. The band released their first self-titled album last year after forming in 2016 and member Tom Morello told Rolling Stone: 

“We’re an elite task force of revolutionary musicians determined to confront this mountain of election year bullshit, and confront it head-on with Marshall stacks blazing.”

“Heart Afire” thrashes on top but has funk on the bottom as Chuck and B-Real wonder out loud about truth and justice. Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk told Kaaos TV earlier this week the band has finished a 13-song second album but no release date was given. 


Prophets Of Rage Perform Legalize Me & Living On 110 On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Prophets Of Rage start 2018 with their first TV appearance of the year on Jimmy Kimmel Live! They perform their pro-marijuana “Legalize Me” and homelessness song “Living On The 110.”


Prophets Of Rage Drop Video For Hands Up

Prophets Of Rage have a video for “Hands Up” and it is a compilation of black and white tour footage. The clips of their shows move fast with the urgency of their message about being fed up with the state of the world. The idea that music with a message does not sell is destroyed by the camera’s pans of the huge crowds at their shows. Prophets Of Rage self-titled album is out now.


Prophets Of Rage Survey Social Change In Video For Strength In Numbers

Prophets Of Rage give instructions to cause social change with a bunch of clips from the past to the present in the video for “Strength In Numbers.” The idea that any sizeable group banded together can bring about change including animals and slave uprisings is expressed with a montage. The band just released their first album and they are on a tour of the United States.