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Prophets Of Rage Drop Video For Hands Up

Prophets Of Rage have a video for “Hands Up” and it is a compilation of black and white tour footage. The clips of their shows move fast with the urgency of their message about being fed up with the state of the world. The idea that music with a message does not sell is destroyed by the camera’s pans of the huge crowds at their shows. Prophets Of Rage self-titled album is out now.


Prophets Of Rage Survey Social Change In Video For Strength In Numbers

Prophets Of Rage give instructions to cause social change with a bunch of clips from the past to the present in the video for “Strength In Numbers.” The idea that any sizeable group banded together can bring about change including animals and slave uprisings is expressed with a montage. The band just released their first album and they are on a tour of the United States.


Chuck D Is Releasing A Book On Hip-Hop History

On October 10, Chuck D Presents This Day In Hip-Hop History will be available at all major retailers and Amazon. The book is a chronology of hip-hop’s history beginning with a 1973 house party where Kool DJ Herc debuted the break on his turntables. The anthology gives the history of the art form from those early days with Herc up until the present. Portraits created by Shepard Fairey of more than 100 major figures in hip-hop brings the history off the page and makes each entry flow. LL Cool J says,

“Reading this book is like reliving my life all over again”

Kendrick Lamar gave his recommendation:

“If you want to understand our culture. To learn knowledge itself. Truth about the art form of poetry in motion. The struggle of our community through rhyme and rhythm. This is the book that inspired me long before I found my place in hip-hop, The power of self-expression. Unapologetically. Taught by the teacher himself. Chuck D!!!.”

The Public Enemy frontman just saw the release of the self-titled debut from his other group Prophets Of Rage.


Prophets Of Rage: Hail To The Chief (Official Video)

Prophets Of Rage criticize the White House with a cartoon video for “Hail To The Chief” interspersed with footage of the band. Their self-titled album just came out and they are on tour now.


Prophets Of Rage Perform Living On 110 On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Prophets Of Rage performed “Living On 110” Monday night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The song deals with homelessness and the 110 reference is about a Los Angeles highway underpass where many people with nowhere to go live. Their self-titled debut album comes out this Friday.