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NxWorries (anderson.paak & Knxwledge) Remix Suede

anderson.paak and Knxwledge have a remixed version of their debut album Yes Lawd! coming out this week. “Suede (Uptwnmixx)” is a sample of the project that Knxwledge exclusively reworked and effectively turned Yes Lawd! into two different albums. Yes Lawd! Remixes will be released by Stones Throw on Friday (November 17th).


NxWorries (anderson.paak & Knxwledge) Announces Yes Lawd! Remixes

anderson.paak and Knxwledge are releasing remixes of their NxWorries album Yes Lawd!. They shared the new version of “Best One” today in preparation for the actual release on November 17th. The remix was heard for the first time in their “Scared Money” video.


NxWorries (anderson.paak & Knxwledge): Scared Money Official Video

anderson.paak and Knxwledge released their NxWorries album Yes Lawd! not long ago. Today they share their video for “Scared Money” which takes its inspiration from the Harlem tale Paid In Full. The clip ends with a remix of “Best One” which will be on a forthcoming album of Yes Lawd! remixes.


NxWorries(anderson.paak & Knxwledge) Yes Lawd! Album Stream


anderson.paak and Knxwledge’s NxWorries album Yes Lawd! is streaming a week before the October 21st release date. You can pre-order Yes Lawd! now.


NxWorries(Anderson.Paak & Knxwledge) -Get Bigger

anderson.paak and Knxwledge unveil “Get Bigger” from their forthcoming NXWorries’ album Yes Lawd! The laidback tune is a quick story about Paak finding his calling in music as Knxwledge’s summer-sounding production makes Paak’s hard journey sound easy. Yes Lawd! will be released on Stones Throw October 21st.