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Media Questions Of The Week


Why didn’t The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame encourage N.W.A. ┬áto perform at the induction ceremony this year or have another artist pay homage to them by performing their music?

What’s going on with Andre 3000’s new album and when will it be done and released?


Will Janet Jackson’s Unbreakable tour resume in 2017 as planned after she starts her family?


Media Questions Of The Week


Will Kendrick Lamar’s Reebok Ventilator sneakers catch the attention of the Blood and Crip gangs that inspired the shoes in an attempt to promote peace?

What will Dr. Dre’s Straight Outta Compton soundtrack sound like after hearing F. Gary Gray talk about Dre’s “deeper sound?”

Will MTV’s White People be an honest examination or race or is the goal of it to promote white guilt?


Media Questions Of The Week


1. Will F.Gary Gray use unknown or known actors for his NWA biopic that starts filming this summer?


2. Did any of Jay Electronica’s rants about society have any merit?


3. Who has offered the Wu-Tang Clan $2 million and $5 million dollars for the purchase of their Once Upon A Time album? Will fans around the world pay $30-$50 to listen to listen to the album in gallery and festival settings?


Media Questions Of The Week


1. Will all of the allegations and things mentioned in this week’s Village Voice article about R.Kelly ever have any significant effect on his career?


2. Is global racism really so deep that the Indians mistook Morgan Freeman for Nelson Mandela in a case of “they all look alike?” And the fact that Freeman played Mandela in a movie does not matter.

3. Why didn’t NWA, Chic, LL Cool J or The Meters make it into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame this year?

4. Wasn’t Beyonce’s Walmart trip where she gave out $50 gift cards a cool move after Target and Amazon refused to stock physical copies of her CD?


Media Questions Of The Week


1. Will LL Cool J, The Meters or NWA get into the Rock Hall Of Fame this year?


2. Are the Clinton Hill community board members right about not naming a street after Biggie Smalls?


3. Will A Tribe Called Quest really perform their last shows on the New York leg of the Kanye West Yeezus tour?