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Murs Looks At Relationships In Video For So Close So Far

Murs is a relationship counselor in his video for “So Close So Far.” He sits and takes notes while a couple tells him about their issues and ultimately decide to stay together. Murs released A Strange Journey Into The Unimaginable earlier this year. 


Murs: A Strange Journey Into The Unimaginable Album Stream


Murs’s A Strange Journey Into The Unimaginable came out today and it coincides with his 40th birthday. He explained in press releases before the album came out how this project is his most personal.  Divorce and losing his son are things he survived and talks about with Michael “Seven” Summers as his producer. 


MURS: Same Way Feat. Tech N9ne Official Video

MURs just survived four of the hardest years of his life with the loss of his marriage, a son and his mother taking ill. A Strange Journey Into The Unimaginable is his next album and it chronicles this time in his life. “Same Way” featuring Tech N9ne is a humorous song with a matching video about a failed meeting with his girlfriend’s family. Strange Music’s in-house producer Seven produced the new album that is dropping March 16th.


1.    “The Unimaginable” [feat. Robots&Balloons]
2.    “Melancholy”
3.    “Midtown” [feat. John Givez]
4.    “Same Way” [feat. Tech N9ne]
5.    “Powerful” [feat. Propaganda]
6.    “G Lollipops” [feat. Fashawn & Prof]
7.    “Superhero Pool Party”
8.    “Whiskey & Patron” [feat. XV]
9.    “A Lean Story”
10. “Lo-Fi Nights”
11. “So Close So Far”
12. “Celebrate”
13. “Vows”
14. “God Is The Greatest”

Murs Returns With Video For Melancholy

Murs says that the past two years of his life have been difficult because of a divorce and the death of a newborn child. “Melancholy” is part of new song collection about getting through those times to embrace the new. A Strange Journey Into The Unimaginable will be released on his birthday March 16 and he describes it as his most personal album ever.


Murs & Curtiss King Compete For Love In The Video For Lemon Juice

MURS and Curtiss King have fun competing for love in the video for “Lemon Juice.” The friendly competition has a funny but unexpected ending. Murs’s Captain California is out now.