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Black Star Reunites For New Album Produced By Madlib

It’s been 20 years since Yasiin Bey and Talib Kweli emerged as Black Star and they are coming full circle to reunite and release a new album this year. Yasiin Bey made the announcement in Denver, Colorado this past weekend during a Madlib DJ set.¬† Reddit uploaded the audio from the show and Bey can be heard telling the audience that the new project is “coming soon.”


Media Questions Of The Week

Barack Obama New Orleans Katrina 10 2015


Why are some citizens criticizing¬†Barack Obama’s response to Hurricane Katrina that took place in 2005 when he did not become president until 2009?

When will an artist come along and outdo Michael Jackson’s commercial accomplishment of five number one singles with the Bad album?


Is Yasiin Bey correct in his perception that there is too much disposable hip-hop putting a strain in the genre’s contemporary quality?


Yasiin Bey & Friends At The Apollo

Yasiin Bey just released his Dec 99th project with Ferrari Sheppard this week and Wednesday night he performed one of two shows at The Apollo. Slick Rick and Pharoahe Monch were his special guests. He told the audience that he was “Over the entertainment industry and wanted to be in a place that’s honest and real.” At the end of the show, he introduced new music from his forthcoming Negus In Natural Person which he says will be his last solo project.


Yasiin Bey-No Time To Pretend At Art Basel

Yasiin Bey performs “No Time To Pretend” at Art Basel in Miami for Saul Williams’ In Appreciation Of Lyricism showcase. Bey’s Dec 99th album with Ferrari Shepherd comes out Friday and he says he has three albums to release in the future.


Yasiin Bey Announces Dec 99th Album With Ferrari Sheppard


Yasiin Bey is releasing Dec. 99th a collaborative album with Ferrari Sheppard ¬†recorded in South Africa over the past year. The nine-song album comes out December 9th and seems to have a numerology influence because of all the references to the number 9. Dec. 99 is the name of their partnership and the album’s tracklisting is available below.


1. N.A.W.
2. Blade in the Pocket
4. Local Time
5. Tall Sleeves
6. Seaside Panic Room
7. Shadow in the Dark
8. It Goes
9. Special Dedication