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Media Questions Of The Week


How much has all the publicity with Kanye West helped Taylor Swift’s career?


Is KRS-One right to tell hip-hop fans that if they have a problem with the molestation allegations against Afrika Bambaataa, they should “quit hip-hop?”


Will the Twitter attacks on Leslie Jones change the company’s way of dealing with abuse?



Media Questions Of The Week

Why didn’t Rich Homie Quan know the words to Junior M.A.F.I.A.’s “Get Money” for his Hip Hop Honors performance with Lil’ Kim?


Why was Christian Siriano the only designer able to make a dress for Leslie Jone’s appearance at the Ghostbuster’s premiere?


What will be the fate of small record stores if  Warner Music  will no longer do business with stores that sell less than $10,000 in product each year?