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LAOLU Debuts All In Me EP

LAOLU reveals her debut EP All In Me after sharing three singles early this year. The nine-song project uncovers LAOLU’s inner world and her struggles as a young artist in London, her personal life and past battles with depression. Three years ago she stopped making music to deal with her mental health but she has returned with the intimate observations of All Of Me. She released a statement about the journey to All Of Me: 

“This EP represents a new beginning, I started this EP almost by force to get out of depression and though it was hard, I continued no matter what. There have been so many bumps and delays along the way but I achieved what I set out to do. New music, released from depression and I am doing what I love and what I am destined to do which is to sing and write music”

Stream All Of Me and keep up with LAOLU at her official site. 




Laolu Releases New Song So Right

Laolu’s “So Right” is a moment of bliss with heavy acoustic guitar and the songstress all in her state of happiness. The South London singer survived depression and was glad to make a song dedicated to her progress. She admits that on the first listen people will assume she is singing about a romantic love but she’s really focused on coming to a powerful self-love. She says, 

“On “So Right,” I sing as though I am confessing my love for a partner, but I’m also singing to myself, I sing to the emotion of happiness as if it’s a person, because for me, who didn’t think I’d ever feel or be truly happy, this emotion was very alien to me. It was something I was not sure could happen to me, me being fulfilled and confident in myself again, I didn’t see that for myself. So now, I celebrate that I am on this journey and I make sure that I learn and enjoy my experiences.”

“So Right” is the third single from her All In Me EP coming out at the end of August. 


London Singer Laolu Returns With New Single How To Feel

South London singer Laolu returns after an almost three-year hiatus with new music from her forthcoming All In Me EP. “How To Feel” is taken from a situation the artist recently experienced. Laolu says,

“This song was about something I experienced recently – that pensive insecure feeling of uncertainty in a relationship. The song originally started out as something completely different, but Dunc Suei, the producer, and I decided the song should go in this direction based on the vibe we got while recording, luckily the song turned out to be a proper R&B jam.”

Laolu’s All In Me EP release date is TBA.