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Media Questions Of The Week

1. What will the Jonah Hill, Leonardo Dicaprio and Q-Tip-produced TV show about Q-Tip’s music career look like?


2. Was Lance Reddick’s Papa Legba character from American Horror Story: Coven inspired by Rick James at all?

3. Was booking Outkast for Coachella the best match since so many people claim to not know them? 3. Aren’t we happy that Outkast will officially reunite for Coachella? And those who claim not to know them will find out who they are?


Media Questions Of The Week

Nelson Mandela 500

1. Why are media outlets like the New York Times writing obituaries (that’s been changed) of Nelson Mandela that describe him as a “peaceful resistor?”


2. What will Kanye West’s next album sound like with production from Rick Rubin and Q-Tip?


3. Why are the producers of American Horror Story:Coven describing Lance Reddick’s Papa Legba character as a “voodoo Satan” when Satan has nothing to do with voodoo?