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Incognito-Love Born In Flames Official Video

Incognito’s jazz/funk/R&B is unstoppable with their newly released In Search Of Better Days. The U.K. band never tires of creating a new sonic journey as they celebrate their 17th album. “Love Born In Flames” features the vocals of Imaani who sings straight into the camera while sitting at the bar in the video. The band performs the music for the song and ends the video dancing with the people at their party.


Incognito-All I Ever Wanted Featuring Maysa Lyric Video

Incognito and Maysa have made music together again for Incognito’s In Search Of Better Days album coming out June 24th. Bluey wrote “All I Ever Wanted” for Amy Winehouse, who was an Incognito fan and who he had a brief discussion with about a collaboration. Winehouse’s relationship with Blake was used as inspiration for “All I Ever Wanted.”


Maysa Goes Back 2 Love (Interview)


Maysa Leak’s soothing yet lush alto has been one of the core voices of traditional R&B since her emergence with UK jazz/ funk band Incognito in the early ‘90’s. Her solo career began a few years after being with Incognito and she has recorded 12 albums including 2013’s Blue Velvet Soul, which garnered her first Grammy nomination. In her 20-plus years in the music business she has endured through trends, industry beauty norms and the marginalizing of non-commercial R&B to establish a following that keeps her touring most of the year. The Baltimore native just released Back 2 Love, which she calls her summer album. In the following interview she talks about Back 2 Love, Baltimore and how music is much more than just a profession for her.

“I see myself as a musical servant”

You say it’s your summer album and I noticed you open it with the uptempo “Back 2 Love” how were you feeling when you recorded this album?

Just happy, you know not being in love or falling out of love I was just happy with myself. This is how I feel in general I’m happy with myself. I have problems like everyone else but I just want to make more money to pay my bills. Everything else I’m extremely happy. Part of me wants to meet someone part of me doesn’t care. I think I’m content and I want to make some changes in my life.

Last year was a big year for you with Blue Velvet Soul which you got the nomination for, what did it feel like to get that recognition?

It was surreal. When people say Grammy-nominated and they say my name I burst out laughing because it took so long. I know my mother had something to do with it because it happened right after she died. I know in my heart. She told me because I remember when I got to the first round and I didn’t get to the second round with the last I did, Motions Of Love and she said “Damn, that damn thing I’ll just get some damn gold and melt it down and make my own Grammy.” That’s how she was and she would make me laugh and forget the pain. My mother was amazing because she helped me do 20 years of my career because I was really struggling a lot and she would just say things when people would treat me terribly even when I was small, when I was real little they would tell me I was too big and they would tell me my boobs were too big. I was a size 12 and I was like wow. They told me I wasn’t light-skinned enough and I wasn’t this there was so much of that going on in the early ‘90’s. I don’ t want to throw people under the bus but they never did a video for “Deep Waters” because they didn’t think I was the video type-looking singer.

That’s always been the weird part of the industry because I don’t know that people are really supporting people strictly because of what they look like.

You know the industry part of it is weird that was back in the ‘90’s. When that came out it was during the time of the C&C Music Factory thing. Everybody had to be a model and have a belly button ring. On my first album cover they wanted me to do this nose ring and if you look at my first album cover I was so evil they made me put a nose ring in I look like a bull! But that was the style and thank god the camera is small you can barely see the nose ring. Even in my first pictures I was really small I remember my mother and my cousin went with me to this video shoot for “What About Our Love.” If I can only tell you how they were acting they had me feeling so self-conscious. They covered me up and I was crying.


Maysa-Keep It Movin’ Featuring Stokley Official Video

Maysa and Stokley Williams of Mint Condition portray a couple who don’t see eye to eye and then go their separate ways in Maysa’s video for “Keep It Movin.'” Her 11th studio album, Back2Love is out now.


Incognito Release Send One Your Love For Nepal Earthquake Victims


Incognito has released “Send One Your Love” to benefit victims of the Nepal earthquake. All funds from the song will go to UNICEF. “Send One Your Love” is available on iTunes.