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Dapper Dan Develops Official Relationship With Gucci

Independent Harlem clothier Dapper Dan has scored an official relationship with Gucci after decades of contentious interaction. Dapper Dan became famous in the world of hip-hop during the ’80s because of his original clothes that utilized the logos of ¬†Gucci and other high-end designers. His fashions were famously worn by LL Cool J, Mike Tyson, Eric B. & Rakim and many others. He became just as iconic as the people who wore his clothes but his work was seen negatively in the same way as sampling. Gucci forced him to close his shop down in 1992 after a 10-year run. Earlier this year a model wore a jacket in Gucci’s cruise 2018 show that was identical to the one Dan created for Olympic runner Diane Dixon in 1989.Dixon posted a picture of herself wearing the original jacket and demanded that Dan receive credit for the Gucci one. The internet took notice of Gucci’s jacket and several media outlets criticized them for using Dan’s style.

Gucci Jacket 2018 cruise show Florence, Italy

The designer finally decided to join forces with Dan and he is the face of a new ad campaign that was shot in Harlem. They will collaborate on a capsule collection that will be in Gucci’s stores next year.

Dapper Dan will re-open his Harlem shop by the end of this year and it will be open on an appointment only basis and Gucci will actually provide the materials.

Next year, ¬†Dapper Dan’s profile will rise again with the release of his autobiography.


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